It has become a norm to revel in AKA’s achievements while on the other hand have your hand over your mouth in shock over his tweets.

This not being the first time that he no longer performs at an event after being announced as one of the acts, the SupaMega pulled out of the Back To The City festival over a disagreement with the organisers earlier this year

This time around it is reported that he has been left out of Swaziland’s Hipnotik music festival after a reckless tweet.

Daily Sun reported that the ‘Dream Work’ hit-maker was dropped after tweeting about his dissatisfaction about the event’s flyer. ‘They better fetch my logo and change that flyer before I f*ck around and not show up on the day,’ AKA said in a tweet.

By now it should be known how Kiernan fights for his brand to be taken seriously. Coupled with slippery fingers and unlimited data, AKA always says what he feels.

The organisers allegedly felt disrespected by what the muso said, hence the decision to leave him out of the festival. AKA claimed that they had already paid him for the cancelled performance, making the organisers the losers in this regard.

Taking to Twitter to apologise to his fans for disappointing them, AKA was saddened by the fact that they would not get to experience his ‘beams’, as he often says.