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8 reasons sex for money usually costs a lot less than sex for free

Why pay for it? The problem is that the modern woman is a prostitute who doesn't deliver the goods. Teasers are never pleasers; they greedily accept presents to seal a contract and then break it. At least the whore pays the flesh that's haggled for. The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money usually costs a lot less.

1. There is one fixed price on sex for money while sex for free depend to a problem of partner how much is cost.

2. No strings attached on sex for money while sex for free can lead to at night or hours calls

3. 99.9% disease free on sex for money strictly condom required, now can buy prostitution then don't use protection while when you get a girl at the club there are 99.9% chances not to use condom.

4. Every service sex for money offers have a price tag, while with free sex you get know the problems of your partner after sex now way back.

5. Marriage free problems on sex for money, when got sex for free there will be number exchange which will lead to problems in your marriage.

6. Sex for money does not give babes , when you get free sex there are 99.9% chances to have a child with that person

7.  Stress free on sex for money, while when you get sex for free you will solve all your partner problem financial, emotional and physical.

8. You pay for ever for sex for free , your currently will forever demand your help forever while you have choice to buy or not to buy.
Khabza Mkhize

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