Nakyia Whitty's wedding photos went viral online after she posted photos of herself and her bridesmaids all wearing their natural hair on her big day.

Last week Nakyia, 27, shared photos from her big day on Instagram but never expected the positive reaction she received from other users from around the world who quickly fell in love with their natural hair..
Nakyia said on Instagram: “I have had people share with me how they are or were afraid to wear their natural hair out and I’ve given them some sort of boost to want to wear their God given tresses.
“I would just like to say that I honestly was just getting married with who and what I love and appreciate in mind for MY photo album. MY memories. MY big day.”

“In no way was I ever thinking I would be seen by or touch so many, but in light of believing that God makes no mistakes, I want to let everyone know how blessed I feel to be a blessing to so many.

“Whether it be by wedding inspiration, self esteem boosts, or if I’ve handed off a little courage to wear your natural tresses and own it, or even if you just felt like I made the #blackgirlmagic stick sparkle a little brighter, I am genuinely and humbly honoured.”