Democratic Alliance national spokesperson Phumzile van Damme is fuming after a Durban restaurant would not accept her booking on Friday‚ an action she views as racist.

Why did Phumzile van Damme hide the name of racist restaurant?

But the funny part she still protecting the name of the restaurant, if she and DA are honest about fighting racism they shouldn't be afraid to name and shame then as they don't have room her in South Africa. But she decided to protected the name of restaurant like some racist withing DA.

The spindoctor and Member of Parliament‚ who is black‚ told TMG Digital that her reservation was turned down on Friday evening by the restaurant which claimed it was fully booked but gave her white friend a table five minutes later.

“I am in Durban for a meeting right? So I asked my sister to refer us to a place we can have dinner and then she gave me a number for this place.
“I called and I was told it’s fully booked and my white friend called later and got a table for three without hassles.
“Surprisingly when my sister called again five minutes after that‚ they were fully booked again‚” Van Damme said.

She added that her sister told her that the restaurant was "known for having a quota rule" and that they only allowed a certain number of black patrons a day.
“I am so mad and I don’t understand why this is still happening in this country. I am on my way there now and I will be confronting them‚ I want answers‚” the Rhodes University law and political science graduate said.

She took to her Twitter account @ZilevanDamme to vent her anger‚ sharing:
“I call to book a table at a restaurant - fully booked. My white friend calls 5 minutes later — table available. Coincidence? I think not.’’
“I will not boycott. I am entitled to go anywhere I like & go I will. Let’s just say the restaurant will hear from me tonight.’’

“My sister called 5 minutes later & it was suddenly fully booked again. Racism exists because we allow it room to thrive. Nah‚ son.’’
Posting a photo of a large man scoffing a huge pile of hamburgers‚ she tweeted: “Me‚ later. Ngeke ngizwe ngabo” translated (Me‚ later. They can’t dictate to me).

Source : Timeslive