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Cholesterol Hearkens to The Prophetic/ people loose belly fat at Prophet Bushiri’s church

Instant miracles do happen indeed, sure results of the faith that moves mountains. A number of people came forward to testify losing weight after the leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri declared the loss of weight to people with obesity, during a church service on Sunday, June 19.

According to testimonies broadcasted on Prophetic Channel, monitored by this reporter, people came forward having lost big tummies to have flat ones.
On another case, Bushiri is seen instantly commanding the big belly to shrink to a flat position and this is done in the presence of congregates and before LIVE broadcasting cameras.

Thousands of people lined up to testify of the ‘Pompo-Pompo’ (Instant) miracles that crazily changed the whole church’s mood as witnessed from Prophetic Channel.
Taking the excitement further, Bushiri went to invite those with shorter hands and legs than the other to come forward for fixing. Amazingly, the hands were able to grow and be of same size with the other.
Another woman came forward to testify while holding up her skirt which was actually going down when left unsupported, a scenario that left laughter in the church.
Well, if you were struggling with belly fat, consider visiting Prophet Bushiri’s church for instant miracles. Why bother going to gym for months when you can achieve same results instantly with Bushiri’s Supernatural Gym.
Source:  mzansistories