The mother of a woman who was caught on film going on a racist rant was “absolutely shocked” to find out on Friday that her daughter had spoken that way.
South Africans reacted with outrage after eNCA released a clip of a visibly upset and highly charged Vicki Momberg after a smash-and-grab in Johannesburg. Her mother Davina Momberg said she had known she was ‘hijacked’ in March and had been in a terrible state. However, the family was shocked when they became aware on Friday of what their daughter, an estate agent, had said to police.

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Davina said this was not how they had raised her. “What they said there and what I saw, it is not what I agree with, definitely not. Who would do a thing like that in their right mind?” Davina Momberg said. “We phoned Vicki this morning… and she said, ‘I know ma, don’t shout at me’. I said, ‘Of course I am not shouting at you. What is going on?’ ”
She said she had not been able to get any information from her daughter because she was crying over the phone. “So we know nothing about it. My grandson was watching TV this morning and said, ‘Ouma, come and have a look, come and have a look here.’ So what do I say?”

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Vicki Momberg could not be reached for comment on her cellphone. A colleague at her workplace explained on Friday morning that she was in a meeting with a director or manager. In the clip, she is seen clutching a phone and shouting, “One kaffir is bad enough. This happens all the time, all the time. The kaffirs here in Joburg are terrible. I’m so sick of it.” ‘I will shoot everyone’
The video shows police arriving on the scene and attempting to defuse the situation.
She seems to get more agitated and is heard saying, “The calibre of blacks in this town vary from the calibre of blacks in Durban. They’re opinionated, they’re arrogant, and they’re just plain and simple useless. I am happy for a white person to assist me or a coloured person or an Indian person. I do not want a black person to assist me.”
A police officer can be heard saying he is trying to assist. She responds, “Let me tell you something. This is the type of police force we have got. We got a low calibre people working. If I see a black person, I will drive them over. If I have a gun, I will shoot everyone.”
Davina said she felt “paralysed” and did not know what to do. She had warned her daughter in March not to travel when it was dark. Shortly afterwards, she received a call from her saying she had been hijacked. The phone then went dead.
“We didn’t know whether Vicki was taken out of the car, whether they were going to kill her or rape her or what have you… We sent out family to go and look for her because we didn’t know what had happened to her phone.”
A police officer contacted them at the time to say she was in a terrible state. “What they did was they actually travelled home with her because they were worried about her.” The concerned mom said her daughter would probably share her side of the story when she was in a better state of mind.
“Nobody brings someone up in that way, I mean you just don’t do it. But if you get hijacked and your life is threatened, who knows what you are capable of doing.”
The SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) expressed shock at the video on Friday.
It said racism had no place in the country.
“We have not received any complaints yet but have decided to launch an own-initiative investigation,” confirmed SAHRC spokesperson Isaac Mangena.
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