AWARD-WINNING producer Tweezy has allegedly moved back home to Soweto.

This according to several sources who claimed Tweezy’s life became difficult after he had a fallout with most of the artists he produced songs for.

According to one source, the producer, whose real name is Tumelo Mathebula, left ikasi and went to live in the north to pursue his producing career.

“The music industry hasn’t been kind to Tweezy and he had to learn the hard way. Now he seems an angry person who’s just pissed at everyone.

“He’s mad at the industry because he says producers are overlooked,” claimed the source.

Another source close to Tweezy, who knows him from sessions held at Jabulani Mall, in Soweto, said he saw this one coming.

“These guys always do this. When they start to make it big they leave ikasi because they’ve made it, forgetting it’s a cold world out there.

“It’s unfortunate for him. Now he’s frustrated because people around him don’t understand his frustration,” added the source.

Another source claimed Tweezy never moved out to be on his own, but went to live with his sister in Pretoria. But the SunTeam has learnt his sister also lives in Jabulani.

According to the source, Tweezy is broke and borrows money from his childhood friends.

“This shows he doesn’t have a sense of business. He was happy to be known as that guy who produced eight award-nominated tracks,” said the source.

Tweezy has produced some of AKA’s hits All Eyez On Me and Run Jozi.

He once shared his frustration on social media about producers not being recognised. Recently, Rapper AKA called him to order on Twitter after one of his rants.

Tweezy said: “That’s a weird story because I’ve always been in Jabulani,” before requesting the SunTeam to send him an email.

He had not responded at the time of going to press.