The drama started when Atandwa decided to take to Twitter on Sunday to talk about how much he enjoyed watching the reality show thanks to its temporary host, Jessica Nkosi.
He basically implied that he had not been watching since Thembisa took over the reins.
As if that wasn't enough drama, Atandwa's wife, Fikile Mthwalo, made an even shadier reply to his tweet.

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But Thembisa and her sister, Anele Mdoda, were not going to allow that shady situation to go unnoticed.
Thembisa was up first, and let her ex know that he was just a boy who needed to grow up,
Anele got in on the action, letting everyone know that Atandwa and Fikile apparently got married on a balcony, and therefore could not watch real weddings on #OPW.
Source: zalebs