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MUST WATCH: Injured Orlando Shooting Victim Angel Colon Recalls Details of Horrific N...

MUST WATCH: Injured Orlando Shooting Victim Angel Colon Recalls Details of Horrific N...
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Orlando Shooting Survivor Angel Colon Tells his story. He says that he was shot three times, trampled and played dead as the terrorist continued to shoot him
This video of  Angel Colon, one of the people who survived the Orlando Shooting on Sunday morning is currently trending on social media sites.
Angel Colon emotionally narrates how the attacker was shooting everyone on the floor, including a girl that was lying next to him. He was hesitant to share his story but says he’s speaking out, “so everyone can know what’s going on now in this community and how some people are just so heartless in how we’re treated.”

Angel Colon video – Word on the streets of social media

Jameson Cody : If youre EASILY OFFENDED !!! DO NOT READ THIS !! Im sorry but i find it fuckin hilarious that one of the victims names in the Orlando shooting was “Angel Colon” bahaha !!!! I know im fucked up but that’s why theres a warning label hahahaha !!
Alitzah Wiener-Dallas: I’m sitting in bed crying my eyes out listening to Angel Colon a survivor from Pulse ….his story of what happened is heart wrenching !! I can go on and on about how I really feel about this evil monster and those who have the same beliefs but I’ll leave it at that !
Praying for those who are still fighting for their lives and for all who were at Pulse that night cause this isn’t a one night nightmare it will forever play out in their lives and will have changed them forever !
Mariel Karen Guillen Hernandez: The testimony of one of the survivors is so sad & heartbreaking 💔 His Name is Angel Colon he said that the Gunman shot him in his left leg, everyone panicked started running everywhere, he got trampled down that resulted in his leg getting broken 😰 he was also shot on his side and hand when the Gunman came back to make sure everyone on the floor was dead , A policeman came and found him alive among all those people that were dead around him, the police man had no choice but to drag him out to get him to safety he said that there was glass all over the floor & his back and bottom got scrapped up with glass 😓
It’s so sad knowing how traumatizing these horrific events can be 💔💔