ON Scandal, Phumla has steamy scenes with a boy young enough to be her son . . . but that’s Phumla.
In real life Nomalanga Nkosi (35), the actress who plays Phumla in the soapie, would never date a Ben 10.
Speaking about her role in the soapie, Nomalanga said her family was shocked when there was a sudden change in her script.
“When my script started, Phumla was a God-fearing woman focused on raising her daughter,” she said.
“But the character changed and there were mixed reactions.”
She said she was just as shocked when she learned that she was going to become a sugar mama.
“I felt like I was going to take advantage of a child, but I spoke to Mbulelo Ndlazilwana, who plays Scelo, about it and he made me feel comfortable,” she said.
“Unfortunately we are obsessed with blessers and society judges older women who date younger men, whereas it is okay for grown men to date young girls.”
She said she would never date a Ben 10 but she does not have a problem with older women who do date Ben 10s.
“Women have different preferences and some of them like having a young boy with a hot body,” said Nomalanga.
She said she was in a shopping mall when a woman pointed fingers at her.
“She told me I was naughty.”
Nomalanga added that she often finds herself in a position where she has to explain that she is just acting and not dating Scelo in real life.
She said playing the role helped her to push herself as an actress.
“Acting has been very good for me. It has helped me channel my anger and express my frustrations after my parents were murdered.”
Besides acting, Nomalanga is a well established artist and she also runs Girl Unlimited, which empowers young girls with life skills.
She has just finished shooting season 4 of Umlilo.
She will be playing the role of a nurse and viewers have a lot to look forward to.