The artist made history after becoming the first South African hip hop artist to appear on America's Sway in the Morning radio show.  
During the interview, Cassper spoke about a number of things, including his relationship with HHP and how America's influence on the South African hip hop culture. 

When asked how important America is to SA artists when Cassper replied: "America is like... uhm... it's like our home, you know what I mean. It's like how you see guys see Africa, you wanna go back home? We admire America so much, well the hip hop culture... when we're out here it's like we're coming home, it's a big deal..." 

He told the radio hosts that they have no idea how big hip hop is in Mzansi and the African continent. "But especially in South Africa because of the influence of Western Culture..."  
The Doc Shebeleza hitmaker continued: "A compliment in South Africa, they call me like the Kanye West of South Africa..." 

He explained that the comparison has to do with creativity and pushing boundaries. "And just being an individual you know what I mean..." 
Image credit: Instagram 
Source: zalebs