JUSTICE Tsehlo’s heart was broken when he and his wife of 20 years separated. And then he found a new woman and wanted to make their relationship permanent and pay lobola.
However, his hopes were crushed again because her family wanted R30 000 and he could come up with only R10 000.
The 53-year-old from Braamfischer in Soweto said there was miscommunication between himself and his girlfriend, Nhlanhla Ngwenya (46). He said when he told her he wanted to pay lobola they celebrated before sitting down and having a serious talk, which cost them their relationship.
Two years later, Justice is still waiting for Nhlanhla to walk back through his door.
He said in January he asked her family to return the money he gave them for lobola, and he finally heard back from them at the beginning of this month.
They wrote a letter saying: “You did not send a letter when asking to pay lobola, you sent your uncles. Send them again.”
An angry Justice said: “I want my lobola back. There is no need for my uncles to go there. I feel like I am being robbed.”
Nhlanhla told Daily Sun: “That man is crazy. Do not believe anything he tells you.”
Nhlanhla’s dad, who reportedly accepted the lobola, could not be reached for comment.
sourece: dailysun