Emtee move to join popular soapie Muvhango is a wrong turn will ruin his growing career in hip hop before he realise.  Acting industry is very fragile at the moment in South Africa due to high unemployment to young graduates. Social media already reacted to his action before is too late must leave Muvhango in peace for young actors who are jobless.  There bright future for him  in the Hip Hop at the moment.

When we were saying #UpenUpTheIndersrty  we didn't mean we need young successful artist

Award winning rapper Mthembeni Ndevu known amongst his peers as Emtee made his first appearance on SABC 2 soapie Muvhango on 8 June 2016 and cast members were impressed with his acting.

“Some people panic when given instructions by the director or producer, Emtee was relaxed and followed the director’s orders,” said one cast member.

Social media however thought differently, with the response going both ways: love and hate.

Some people were pleased by Emtee’s acting and some wondered why he was cast, going so far as to ask whether he would have been cast on the show were he not famous.

Here’s some of what people on social media had to say: