The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has spoken out against True Love magazine, saying it was wrong to publish unedited images of media personality Lerato Kganyago online.

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Last week, True Love was criticised for releasing a string of before and after images of Kganyago online after initially being accused of over-Photoshopping its cover photo of her.

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The party's Mbuyiseni Ndlozi today posted an image of Kganyago on Facebook with EFF branding calling her the red berets' "Woman Crush Wednesday" and claims true love's actions can be compared to what colonialists did to Sara Baartman.
Ndlozi has condemned the magazine's actions, saying it’s publicly shamed the media personality.

“Which is to kill the confidence of black women in relation to their body and the ways in which they are portrayed, objectified and bastardised.”  

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The EFF’s spokesperson says the party supports gender progressive politics.

“Black beauty, which we are defending, is not for the person but goes beyond the person.”

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Ndlozi says there can be no economic emancipation struggle without recognising women's rights.

Source : ewn