Dr Malinga may be a household name today‚ who is famous for those energetic dance kicks‚ but away from the spotlight he’s faced many struggles.

Speaking to Move! magazine Dr Malinga revealed that for many years he lived in poverty‚ and it’s because of his music career that he’s been able to build a comfortable life for his family.
It is for this reason that Malinga teaches his family to be money conscious.
“Life has taught me to respect money and live for myself and my family. I teach my family to stay humble and never to impress people with how much money you have‚” Malinga said.
The musician added that over the years he’s seen many people who led flashy lifestyles struggle to make ends meet when their careers took a dip.
“I have seen many people in this industry‚ who were earning thousands of rands at some point‚ struggling to make ends meet when their careers end because they always wanted to show.”

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Malinga attributes his success to the unconditional support from his wife-to-be Boitumelo.
“I’m lucky to have someone like Boitumelo in my life because we compliment each other very well. She understands my vision and the way I choose to live my life.”
Dr Malinga’s frugal approach to life saw him buy his dream home for R3.2 million cash late last year.