Once seen by many as the most prolific artist in the country‚ it’s been a while since DJ Sbu last poured his efforts into music.
But with a return to radio‚ DJ Sbu has revealed that he will also be making a return to music.
“With my new radio venture‚ it gives me an opportunity to rework on my brand. And my brand was built on music‚” he told us.
Part of his comeback plan is the release of a brand new album‚ set for later this year.
“I’ve been hard at work in the studio for the last few months‚ working on a new album that is set for September‚” he revealed .
DJ Sbu says that he has just finished recording a new single with Zahara and will be working with the likes of Simphiwe Dana on the album.
In addition‚ he is also developing a new brand of vodka and even bottled water‚ to be released by the end of the year.
“The vodka is called Loko Flame. At the moment we are just teasing it but we’re done with the formula and are currently working on the design of the bottle. It will definitely be out by the end of the year‚” he added.