The entertainment industry is extremely difficult to break into, and even once you’ve got your foot through the door, staying relevant is a battle on its own – and not everyone comes out a winner.
Sometimes our favourite celebs seem to walk into an “entertainment Bermuda Triangle” – they just disappear.
Here are 5 celebrities, who just vanished from our radars.
Pitch Black Afro

He dropped onto the music scene in 2005 with his hit single, Pitch Black Afro. His look? A pitch black afro – it just made sense! We loved singing along to this kwaito star’s tracks (there was more than one, right?), but his fame was short-lived.
70% of the Backstage cast
Backstage first hit our TV screens in 2000, and we immediately fell in love. The show gave us celebs like Somizi, Lorcia Cooper and Clint Brink. But have you ever wondered what the heck happened to the rest of the cast? There were some really talented people there who had us convinced they would be in it for the long run. What we’re trying to say is, we want Ziggy back!
Remember when Mzekezeke first hit the music scene? The mysterious musician (we all knew it was DJ Sbu. Sshhh, don’t tell anyone), dressed in a ski mask and orange jumpsuit, brought so much joy to our lives. And then… gone, just like that!
The curse of the music contest
Okay, we’re convinced that music contest winners in South Africa probably end up in the same place missing socks go. Seriously, where on earth is 101, Ghetto Lingo, Heinz Winkler, Sasha-Lee Davids, Anke, Jody Williams, and Jason Hartman?
Michael Mol
Is there a doctor in the house? There was last time we checked, but we have no idea what happened to him. Michael Mol was first introduced to us as the hunky presenter on Top Billing. Later on the presenter/doctor got his own medical/health show on SABC 3, but that didn’t last very long.