Forget the scandalous side of Tbo Touch. Forget the memes about the outfits. And discard that Metro FM drama (’cause he’s back on air now — finish and klaar) We got to see a side of Touch that is closest to his heart.

Tbo Touch is a man of many faces — most of which tend to see him making headlines for all the wrong reasons. So when TMG Entertainment got invited to the annual Touch Invitational‚ we saw Touch the giver.
The Touch Invitational‚ hosted at the swanky Steyn City‚ sees big players come together to raise funds for charity. At 20k a pop for a four-ball‚ golfers of all levels spent Monday trying their best to beat their competitors. Not just that‚ but raise funds for the charity‚ Delivering Happiness to Diepsloot.
The charity raises funds for the children of Diepsloot by donating school books‚ bags‚ shoes and much more from those funds.
“How can I live in my home when a couple of metres from me there are children who don’t even have shoes to go to school. It is up to us to open our hearts and our wallets to change. If you are in a position to give‚ then there is no excuse‚” Touch told us at the event.
Not only did players have to contribute a hefty sum for the charity‚ they also took part in an auction which saw signed pictures of Madiba and Tiger Woods go under the hammer.
Ringside tickets for a Floyd Mayweather fight were also up for grabs‚ but Touch suspended the auction‚ saying the bids weren’t high enough. “These are high-value tickets and much sought after. But more than that‚ these are children that need our help. I’m not going to settle. I want at least five hundred thousand for them‚” he told the crowd.
Touch says he doesn’t like to boast about his charity work because he does it from the heart. “I don’t do this for the press. It’s not about that. This is about me having a purpose. And helping people is part of that purpose.”

Source: Sowetanlive