IDOLS winner Musa Sikwene is a ladies man.

Musa got people singing to his latest song Mthande on Wednesday at Hardrock Café in Sandton and it got people asking for more.
He sang songs like Angisakwazi and Mthande, which got people entertained through the night.
Speaking to Sun Buzz, Musa said that it was a blessing for him to work with Robbie Malinga and Linda Gcwensa who wrote the Mthande hit song.
“I am honored to work with Bra Robbie and Linda in this project. I have grown as an artist and   I feel I am at a level where I am doing what I love. I feel like now I am singing what African people can relate too. I never expected that this song it was going to be huge but life is a gamble. If you don’t take chances in life you will never go far. I never planned that Mthande to be my single but through the people’s demand, I had to go with it,” he said.
Musa’s album is now available at all music stores.