FORMER actor Peter Sephuma, who is accused of attacking his girlfriend, was arrested again after failing to appear in court.
A Sunday newspaper reports that Peter, who played Miles on the soapie, found himself in trouble with the law after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend and his sister, Queen Sephuma, last month.
According to reports, “Peter was in his bedroom with his girlfriend when his sister heard screams coming from the room. When she went to the room to find out what was happening, she found him choking the girlfriend. When she tried to remove him, he turned and choked her too.” At the time, he was quoted saying, “I had an altercation with my sister and it ended up physical. It was a mistake and I apologised to my sister. The family is coming to solve the matter.”
He was due to appear at the Alexandra Magistrate court for assault last month, but he never showed up. As a result, there’s a warrant for his arrest. Spokesperson for the National Prosecuting Authority, Phindi Louw, says, “He failed to appear in court and a warrant was issued for his arrest.”
However, the actor says his no-show was simply a misunderstanding, and that as far as he knew, his sister withdrew the charges against him. “My sister went to withdraw the case and told me everything was fine. I honestly didn’t know I had to go to court for mediation. It’s not and will never be my intention to disregard the court.”
Queen wanted to withdraw the charges, declaring, “I’m a spiritual person. I was in a light trance lying on the floor when Peter arrived and tried to help me. When he grabbed and lifted me I screamed for help as I thought he was assaulting me.”
After she opened a case against him, she went to the police to withdraw the charges but police refused withdraw them. When Move! contacted Peter, he said he was not keen to talk about this matter.
Source : Move