AKA lost his composure on Friday afternoon after DJ Zinhle bought Euphonik’s #Nonke T-shirt and posted a picture of herself wearing it on social media.

AKA paid inhlawulo (damages) for girlfriend and mother of their daughter, Dj Zinhle.
In the African culture, a man pays inhlawulo to the woman’s family if he impregnates her before marrying her. It is a form of an apology and a gateway to possible lobola negotiations.
“Don’t let our silence fool you into thinking we don’t have s**t say. You want to mention ‘respect’ … Try some respect for the father,” he went on. “Kairo has my surname. I paid 1 million Lobola. Took care of my responsibility according to her culture. So where is my due respect as a father?” he asked.

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The T-shirt exists because Euphonik, Bonang Matheba’s ex-boyfriend, responded to tweets alleging that he wanted Matheba back by going on a Twitter rant, telling people that he was the one who in fact broke up with her and he didn’t want her back. He called her “the girl that’s f****ng AKA” and ended his rant by swearing at the people who claimed he was jealous.
AKA said on Twitter that DJ Zinhle had pushed him to the limit when she bought the T-shirt and posted a picture of herself wearing it.

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“I’ve tried to handle this in ‘private’ for a year now… But it’s clear that they want to make a spectacle… Well, here it is,” he wrote.

The rapper says Zinhle is not aware of what she is doing, indicating that Euphonik is using her, the same guy who DJ Zinhle says was “begging” her not to respond to AKA’s tweets.

According to her tweets, DJ Zinhle does not hate Bonang. She says Matheba saved her, but then unleashes scathing some backhanded sarcasm against AKA in the same breath. “She is beautiful and she is very kind to be dating a fan … Bless her!”

Zinhle continues to lash out at AKA for sharing his problems with her on Twitter, saying that in her culture when a man has a problem with the mother of his child, he arranges a meeting and speaks to her family, not to Twitter.

AKA, however, did say he would try to arrange a meeting with her family, only that they didn’t seem to get along with DJ Zinhle judging by their absence in her life.
“Again, call my family… If Twitter is ur family bring them with. Lastly, we have a child together, that’s who WE are accountable to.”