FORMER Miss SA Teen Celeste Khumalo was wounded by a lion who wanted to play.Luckily, she survived to tell the tale of the incident that happened just over a week ago.
The 23-year-old told Daily Sun she had to have 12 stitches to her thigh and would have the scars for the rest of her life to prove it really happened.
The experience took place at the Protea Hotel Ranch Resort outside Polokwane, in Limpopo. It happened while Celeste was shooting a documentary about people who cross the border into Mzansi looking for a better life. “We were doing a walk with the lions and had been briefed on how to handle ourselves with them.
lion attack
‘Towards the end of the walk a lioness got a bit excited and wanted to play with me,” said Celeste. “When all the lions were instructed to sit down, she turned and jumped at me. “Her claws pierced my flesh in four places as she tried to take me down. “I have been limping in heels since the incident happened.‘The experience has taught me a lot. “I am just a girl from Sandton and now I have scars from a lioness’ bite.”
She said she learned that wild animals cannot be tamed, even if they are in a controlled environment. “My wounds are healing. “But the doctors are worrying that one of them is deeper than they thought at first.” Celeste said the experience had left her in shock. She didn’t think she would be going near wild animals again soon.
Celeste was the last winner of Miss SA Teen in 2011 before the competition ended.
Source : Daily Sun