The weekend was owned by Twerk Queen Faith Nketsi after a x rated video clip found it’s way on the public domain via Instagram.

DOWNLOAD Video: Faith Nketsi’s Queen of Twerk Explicit Video Posted By Mistake

The curvaceous Faith who is known by her stage name, Queen Twerk featured in the short clip showing a male organ slapping her face a couple of times.

However, in a new twist of events, Queen Twerk’s supposed girlfriend has now come out to say that the d_ick in the video is nowhere near his. Awkward. Speaking to iMzansi Satire, The boyfriend said, ‘Look nja’yam, that pipi is not mine. A man knows his tool in and out and I can testify that wasn’t mine. Besides, I have never done such a thing with her’. The man who made us promise who wouldn’t reveal is name also said he has been trying to talk to Queen Twerk about it so she could tell him who the guy is but she has been avoiding him the whole weekend.

Soon after the video ‘leaked’, a statement was released to the same account‚ in which the original video was initially posted. In it‚ she claims that it was a ‘private’ video that had been leaked to her Instagram account‚ saying the video was of herself and her boyfriend while they were on vacation. “We don’t know how it happened or when it happened but it was immediately removed”

It would seem like the Twerk Queen has more to explain!
Early this morning, faith took to facebook and issued this statement :

This is my statement regarding the accidental video.
I’m not perfect and I’m just like any other girl and I’m sure some are prettier or look better than me. Nobody in their right state of mind would deliberately expose their nakedness to the world. We live in a world of social media and one simple mistake can wreck your life. A couple who never have such private moment or at least one video to reminisce on that moment are either not in relationship, boring or playing each other. Don’t waste time worrying about how I live my life.
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