Do you have the loudest and foulest fart? — Then you stand a chance of being crowned the farting champion and of walking away with R500 in cash.
Johannesburg DJ and Kwaito star‚ Thabo Mahlare‚ says his friend’s tendency to fart publicly prompted his idea to run a farting competition.
“I got so irritated every time my friend farted. One day‚ I told him that I am going to run a competition so he can no longer do it for free.
“I have realised that there are people who are talented in farting and do it effortlessly‚” Mahlare says.
The competition takes place in Mahobe village‚ near the Mamelodi shopping mall‚ in early May.
Contestants will be given boiled eggs and Castor Oil to induce farting.
Disposable nappies will also be provided for any “messy situation”‚ Mahlare says.
“I will be sitting with the judges who will be looking for someone who has the loudest and foulest fart. The longer the fart takes‚ the better the chance of winning the contest stands.”
Mahlare has even composed a song about farting and it is available on Datalife host. It will soon be on Soundcloud.
Source : Sowetan