OPW presenter Thembisa Mdoda gave viewers a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes while shooting the reality show‚ when she revealed that she had to be taken to hospital for a sprained ankle.
Thembisa‚ who was recently signed on for another season of the show‚ poked fun at her unfortunate incident on social media.
The show has a huge fan following and tops the Twitter trends list every Sunday night. And the most recent episode this past Sunday was no different.
What viewers didn’t know was that during the latest episode‚ in between shooting‚ Thembisa had to be taken to hospital after spraining her ankle but still made it back in time for the wedding.
“If only you guys knew. I fell and sprained my knee and ankle while shooting this episode. Hospital runs and all. Such drama‚” Thembisa said on Twitter.
But this didn’t deter Thembisa from getting back in the game.
“It was epic. All of it. As they say in show business…the show must go on!!!‚” she added.