South Africa have high unemployment rate but we have companies like SABC, DSTV who employees one  face for more than five jobs which where going to help reduce unemployment. We demand SABC to stop offering jobs more two to one person.   
It's no secret that Mzansi's IT girls and guys bag the most jobs in the industry. Whether it's being a radio presenter and actress or TV presenter and musician, model, reality show star and sometimes all the above, the same faces are seen across TV channels. 
Some people feel that it's time for new faces and have taken to Twitter to voice their unhappiness with the hashtag #OpenUpTheIndustry. 

Although the topic refers to the general industry, some people went as far as mentioning the people they were tired of seeing.

@RikyRelz: I Doubt Emtee Even Auditioned For Muvhango Cause They Tryna Use Him For Their Benefits! #OpenUpTheIndustry
@pase_jade: Yes we love boity, bonang, pearl.and others....but we need new faces..... #OpenUpTheIndustry
@_Vollen: The guy that plays Cosmo in Generations came all the way from yizo yizo. This is unfair. #openuptheindustry!
@Vince_ET: #openuptheindustry  basically is viewers saying WE'RE DAMN TIRED OF SEEING BONANG, MINNIE, PEARL & the rest...
@_Mondly: How many campaigns does Bonang run? How many young, talented,and vibrant beautiful ladies there is in SA who are jobless? #OpenUPTheIndustry
@Nkosinathi_D: I'm tired of "its your girl B" OR "intomb'Yomzulu" or "King loot" everytime I switch on my tv. #OpenUpTheIndustry
@SeseTetiwe: #OpenUpTheIndustry was never an attack Boity/Pearl/Bonang etc. See it more as a cry for help, for them, for us, for the industry, for growth

Some people thought the opinions shared were unfair saying:

@ThickLeeyonce: Artists don't make enough money, one job on one show is not enough so u can't be mad at them 4 being on every other show #OpenUpTheIndustry
@Yayaleko: In order for this to work too ,we as the viewers and listeners of these shows ,we need to be open to new faces no dissin #OpenUpTheIndustry
@GuguNdabezitha: Unlike music, the TV ind is tiny & the money is as tiny...Production needs to pull a crowd, artists need to eat. Catch22. #OpenUpTheIndustry
But for most people, it wasn't a catch 22, they called for transformation of the industry.
@thatonyathela: It's not not fair Presenters change to Acting and  even rappers whilst drama students are jobless #OpenUpTheIndustry
@KenjiMilano: I remember my days doing theatre. But the industry changed severely. Hustle is not a thing anymore. It's who you know #OpenUpTheIndustry
@Sizwe_Nym: Wat they do now is hold private auditions for people they invyted to audition come audition,wat abt the public?? #OpenUpTheIndustry
@Amzodo: Apparently being pretty automatically puts you in the 'multi-talented' category in the entertainment bizniz #OpenUpTheIndustry

What do you think?