A woman’s choice of clothing at her sister’s wedding has left the bride angry at her young sister. However, it has emerged that the story goes deeper than meets the eye.
What started as a beautiful wedding day for a bride in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZuluNatal ended in fist fights after the brides young sister caused a scene at the wedding. The young sister, Mpume, who appeared drunk, barged into the church hall where the wedding ceremony was being conducted and started shouting obscenities.
It was then revealed that the groom, Lindo, used to date young Mpume but dumped her for the older sister, Amanda. The dumped Mpume could not stomach seeing her sister say ‘I do’ and decided to barge in just as the priest called for those who had reasons the two should not be married.
What also caught everyone’s eye was Mpume’s choice of clothing as her dressing left nothing to the imagination. She kept telling Lindo that he was going to miss this. (While pointing to her private part).
The priest was forced to postpone the wedding to a later date despite Amanda’s pleading with the priest to throw out Mpume and continue with the blessing of the wedding.
All Lindo would say was ‘Eish’
Source : iMzansi