How to arrange DevExpress controls  inline

Sometimes people face questions related to modifying page layout or DevExpress controls arrangement. The most popular questions are:
- why when I place two ASPxButton controls, they are arranged vertically, but when I put standard asp:Button controls, they are aligned horizontally?
- what is the recommended way of creating a page layout?

Almost all of DevExpress controls are rendered as tables. The main advantage of this approach is that this way provides good cross-browser capability, since when nested divs are used, it might be hard to synchronize their positions and sizes for all browsers. However, using tables allows end-users to get rid of this problem.

e.g If other was selected please open a free text box to specify . When you want to put ASPxLabel and ASPxTextBox in one line  

Solution use CssClass="DXControlsInline" 


.DXControlsInline {
            display: inline-table;


<dx:ASPxLabel ID="ckArboviralDiseaseChikungunyaOtherSpecify" runat="server"  CssClass="DXControlsInline" Text="Specify:"></dx:ASPxLabel>
<dx:ASPxTextBox ID="tbArboviralDiseaseChikungunyaOther" CssClass="DXControlsInline"  ClientInstanceName="tbArboviralDiseaseChikungunyaOther" runat="server" Width="350px"></dx:ASPxTextBox>  

The above two controls  will render inline