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Solution : How to arrange DevExpress controls inline with no br tag

How to arrange DevExpress controls  inline

Sometimes people face questions related to modifying page layout or DevExpress controls arrangement. The most popular questions are:
- why when I place two ASPxButton controls, they are arranged vertically, but when I put standard asp:Button controls, they are aligned horizontally?
- what is the recommended way of creating a page layout?

Almost all of DevExpress controls are rendered as tables. The main advantage of this approach is that this way provides good cross-browser capability, since when nested divs are used, it might be hard to synchronize their positions and sizes for all browsers. However, using tables allows end-users to get rid of this problem.

e.g If other was selected please open a free text box to specify . When you want to put ASPxLabel and ASPxTextBox in one line  

Solution use CssClass="DXControlsInline" 


.DXControlsInline {
            display: inline-table;


<dx:ASPxLabel ID="ckArboviralDiseaseChikungunyaOtherSpecify" runat="server"  CssClass="DXControlsInline" Text="Specify:"></dx:ASPxLabel>
<dx:ASPxTextBox ID="tbArboviralDiseaseChikungunyaOther" CssClass="DXControlsInline"  ClientInstanceName="tbArboviralDiseaseChikungunyaOther" runat="server" Width="350px"></dx:ASPxTextBox>  

The above two controls  will render inline