A Durban hip-hop group has been fingered in a bizarre gang rape incident in the city last month.

Which Durban hip hop group? :  WTF hip hop group

KwaZulu-Natal police spokesman Major-General Thulani Zwane told Sowetan that no arrests have been made yet as they were still investigating. He would also not reveal the identity of the popular band.
"At this point, we only know that we are investigating a rape case, whether it involves a politician or a musician, it is not important. We will release the names once we make an arrest."
Zwane said the incident occurred on March 25 at 11.55pm when a 19-year-old woman allegedly lost consciousness while she was at a house with music group members on Peter Mokaba Road. "When she regained consciousness, one of the males was allegedly raping her while others were watching," he said.
We managed to track down the alleged victim, who is a student at Boston City College, but she referred all questions to her lawyer Trevor Nkosi, who said his hands were tied and he couldn't comment. He said since police had not arrested anyone, he was not commenting or confirming anything.
According to an insider close to the case, the woman claimed that she was lured to the house by her friend, also a student at the college.
Ilanga LangeSonto newspaper reported that the victim didn't take any alcohol, but drank a soft drink which is suspected to have been drugged as she felt dizzy after downing the first glass of the drink - only to wake up with a man on top of her.
The victim was apparently taken to a rape victims' centre where she was checked by a doctor, and semen from different men was found in her. The source said the victim tried to call a friend to pick her up at the venue but one of the people in the house took her phone from her.
Zwane said the rape case was initially reported at Berea SAPS, but was later transferred to Mayville SAPS, and is now being handled by the Brighton Beach family violence, child protection and sexual offences unit.

A Durban hip-hop group has been allegedly named in a rape case last month, which happened after a gig at a home with the music group’s members.