A groom crashed a Ferrari worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, which he rented for his wedding, into a row of homes. Miraculously, he escaped without injury.

The white supercar, believed to be worth as much as £240,000, appeared to have been written off after the groom identified as , Usman Ali crashed it into the front wall of a house in Burnley, Lancashire.
Ali, 25, who works as a tyre fitter for his father's garage, and his wife Sakina Parveen is understood to have put down a £5,000 deposit to use the Ferrari 458 Spider for their wedding weekend. The car reportedly belongs to a Birmingham-based luxury car hire company, Platinum Executive Travel.

But on Sunday, the day after the wedding, his foot apparently tripped on the car mat and he pressed the accelerator rather than the brake as he arrived at his friend's house ahead of further celebrations of his nuptials with wife Sakina Parveen.
"I don't think he had enough experience driving this sort of car," a friend told The Daily Mail.
The luxury car – which can go from 0 to 60mph in just three seconds – shot forward and smashed into the front of a terraced house.
According to friends, the crash could cost Mr Ali around £25,000 - with £5,000 lost on the deposit and a £20,000 excess.

Lancashire Road Police tweeted two images of the badly-damaged car with a crumpled bonnet. 
"Damage only car crash in Burnley." they captioned the photo.
Lord Aleem, (@aleem_official) whose family appears to own the car hire firm tweeted: 
"At least people in Burnley have something to talk about for a few weeks"
He also confirmed that nobody was injured in the crash, saying: 
"Thanks for all the kind messages. I wasn't at the wheel, and nobody was injured that's the main thing, have had a lot worse in business. I will have the car back on road in 3 weeks Insha'Allah."
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