Bonang and AKA are getting over hiding their romance‚ with AKA explaining how B has influenced him.
While it’s not the photoshoot we’ve all been dying to see‚ the Levelshitmaker has given us a glimpse into how Bonang has helped him change.

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Taking to Instagram‚ AKA made a point to recognise the power of brand Bonang.
“I always had style‚ I guess now I have the money and made the connections to dress nice. I’m in close proximity to someone who has made me rethink what it means to be a brand.”
He went on to add that she has helped him with little things‚ like social media. “I used to have shitty social media management for instance…I’ve just picked up a few things from her‚ observed‚ and made them my own. That’s what happens when great people come together. Inspiration.
Bonang has always been careful about her brand with insiders explaining that it is her number one priority. “She’s got major pulling power and she understands this. She’s associated with several powerful brands and getting caught up in petty drama is really a non-negotiable for her. That’s why‚ as much as she can‚ she keeps the drama away from all of her platforms.”
Well‚ she did draw a crown over the both of them on the episode of Live Amp that she guest presented. A queen helping her king in all aspects!
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