Boity, who is on the cover of True Love magazine's latest issue, has confirmed that they have broken up. 
"Yes, we have broken up. We broke up in December, which was last year. I cried about it, I got angry about it, I tried to convince myself that it's okay, eventually you're just like 'life continues'."

Why did they break up? Well, Boity explained: "All it was was just time management - one was busier than the other - and it's just time, that's all it was." 
Asked if he ever cheated on her, Boity told the mag: "No. Not once did I ever feel like he's cheating on me or giving someone else attention or whatever, there was never a time where I fought about any girl. He was absolutely respectful towards me in terms of his female fans..." 
She added that the rapper's female fans showed her respect.