Prolific television actress Tsholo Monedi-Matshaba dropped a bombshell when she accused radio and telly presenter Mapaseka Mokwele of being one of the reasons she broke up with her baby papa Muvhango actor Dingaan Mokebe.

Matshaba said Mokwele, who presents SABC2 show Motswako, phoned Mokebe and told him that she was flirting with her husband, radio and telly presenter Thabo "T-Bose" Mokwele.
Matshaba revealed the startling tidbits on Mapaseka's radio show Home with Mapaseka Mokwele on Kaya FM on Tuesday evening.
The actress phoned the station and demanded to narrate her side of the story after Mokebe lambasted her on the same show on Monday for allegedly denying him access to their daughter.
She also revealed that she walked out of their "toxic" dalliance because Mokebe was a beast who moered her for no reason.
"At that point even you Mapaseka, you were the point of contention for that abuse to happen. In 2010, I went to abuti Thabo's show where he was interviewing me and a colleague and at the end of the show he (Mokebe) called me and said you said I was flirting with your husband," she said.
Mokwele interjected when she wanted to give the sordid details of the alleged flirtation.
"Er listen my darling let me correct a few things for you, let me help you out with something. Let me correct a few things for you. One, it is not my business who interviews who on air my love, I wouldn't bother, not with anybody and it's not about ... it's like I wouldn't go out of my way to do that, so that cannot be true, let's move that out of the way," Mokwele said.
Mokwele again interrupted Matshaba when she wanted to continue with the matter.
"Are you going to listen? OK I'm going to make you listen then," she said and faded her off.
At the start of the interview Matshaba claimed Mokwele was biased against her because she gave Mokebe too much time to discredit her on the show.
"Mapaseka as I'm speaking to you, as I'm trying to explain myself in the five minutes that you gave me you keep cutting me while I'm speaking and you go on air and speak on your own," said Matshaba.
Matshaba asked why Mokwele did not call her on Monday to give her side of the story. Mokwele said she didn't have her contact details and said she had asked Mokebe to give them to her but he also did not have them.
Mokebe denied claims that he told Matshaba that Mokwele phoned him and said she was flirting with her husband. "I'm not going to dignify her lies with a response, all I need is my daughter," he told Sunday World.
Matshaba said she was not happy with how Mokwele treated her on the show and threatened to file a formal complaint to the station manager Greg Maloka and the BCCSA on Monday.
Maloka said he was unable to comment on the matter because the station had not received a formal complaint from anyone.
Attempts to speak to Mokwele drew a blank.

Source :sundayworld