THUGS stormed into his tuck shop last Monday demanding cash and airtime.
Lucky Zifo (46), had only managed to earn R500 but the thugs wanted R2 000!
So the thugs got angry, broke two crates of cool drink bottles – and holding a gun to his head – forced Lucky to walk over the broken glass!
Lucky from Thembelihle squatter camp in Lenasia, south of Joburg, screamed in pain as he stepped on the broken glass, his feet cut to shreds.
The poor man had no way out as he was alone in the shop and another thug outside kept guard.
The thugs then helped themselves to other items in his shop and left him bleeding.
Lucky was rushed to hospital where the glass was removed from his feet on the operating table.
Since the ordeal, he has been unable to walk.
“I’m always sitting on the sofa because once I try to walk, my wounds start bleeding,” said Lucky.
“My relatives have to lift me and help me to the toilet and back to my bed. I’m in constant pain,” he told Daily Sun.
Lucky said he had since closed his shop as he feared being attacked again.
“I don’t know the thugs because they covered their faces.
“I fear they might come back to attack me or my family.
“I don’t know why people have to be so cruel. My only sin was that I didn’t have the cash they wanted.”
Lucky said it wasn’t the first time his shop has been burgled.
“Earlier, thugs stole my van. I opened a case but cops haven’t recovered it yet.”
Lucky said following last week’s attack he’s still going to open a case.
Lenasia police spokesman Captain Hector Netshivhodza advised Lucky to contact police, who will send officers to take a statement from him and open the case.
Netshivhodza said Lucky’s case of motor vehicle theft was still being investigated.

source: Daily Sun