A 42-year-old Czech model named Daniela Zahradnikova is suing her sugar daddy after he traded her in for a younger, prettier woman. According to UK Metro, Daniela had been living with retired banker Henry Buhl for free at his Soho apartment in New York since 2006 but a few months ago, Henry met another woman and wanted Daniela gone so his new lover can take her place. Daniela is now suing him for abandonment...

According to her Manhattan lawsuit, which was filed on Friday, Daniela provided ‘wifely-duties’ for him, including cooking, cleaning and plenty of sex, in exchange for financial support for the ‘rest of her life’.

She also ran the couple’s shop ‘Space Sixteen’ in Soho and Southampton, before the business was closed last year. Her suit says she values the ‘financial support’ at $1.5 million (£1 million).

But Henry, who has clearly grown tired of his blonde lover, told The Post: ‘I don’t want to have an old girlfriend living here while a new one moves in. ‘She’s waiting until we eject this Daniela.’

The couple met after Henry picked her up at the Mercer Hotel, where she was working as a waitress.
Daniela was immediately attracted to his soft side, referring to his ‘philanthropic deeds’ towards his homeless charity.

Source: UK Metro