The source of income for “Prophet” Shephered Bushiri the controversial preacher who has made headlines for every wrong reason has been revealed. The man who has faked everything from miracles to the purchase of expensive cars and planes has never been known to have any business except theft by deception.
Bushiri who was in court a while ago for a case of rape that is still pending packed his bags and left Malawi his poor home country and moved to South Africa in search of greener pastures has proved to be everything but a man of God. What further worries is his choice of a spiritual father who also had a fair share of controversy in his ministry.
Bushiri is fathered by Ubert Mudzaniri (known by his followers as Prophet Angel) a man who has been on the run from criminal charges including rape and theft by false pretence in Zimbabwe.
Angel has really done a good job in mentoring another criminal as Bushiri now has made a fortune from selling “anointing oil” during his services, long queues are seen on the many sales tables that are dotted around his church before and during every service in Pretoria, South Africa. A bottle of “anointing oil” is sold for R250 (US$15) and it has been made a tradition in his MINISTRY than noone is a full member unless he/she has a bottle of oil making it brisk business for the preacher.
“Whats worrying is the fact that there has never been any outstanding miracles recorded from these oils and there has been a record of deaths than healings” cried Ntombi an usher who is contemplating to go back to her former faith in sangomas (traditional healers).
“I was invited here by a friend and as soon as one gets here all they ask you to do is to buy the oil and to date I have not been asked to do a sinners prayer like I heard is the case in other churches”. I have bought this oil more than three times in the 4 months that I have been here but nothing seems to work and its an issue that bothers many of us and we cant openly talk about it because you will be victimised and labelled a satanist by the leaders” added the visibly distressed Ntombi.
Africa has been blessed with very few Prophets who are voices to nations and the real ones have been noted through their unquestionable characters which are far from controversy but there is a crop that has gained more popularity by sinning rather than righteousness.
Bushiri is yet another man who is on a mission from the dark world to pollute the title of a Prophet through the love of money and never the people. This was recently confirmed by an open letter that he wrote to his Malawian President bragging that he had stopped supplying the paltry 400 bags of maize worth (US$ 3 500) to the poor in Malawi because of political issues. In his letter he shamelessly told his home President that he (Bushiri) has nothing to lose if the Malawian people die from hunger.
One then wonders if there is any reasoning among his congregates as they keep on following a man who displays such ungodliness.
Its clear all he needs is money from these people and he is not worried about their problems let alone their salvation. That’s why he fakes every miracle that he can to keep them believing that he is doing the work of God. CLICK LINK BELOW FOR SHOCKING FOOTAGE OF HOW HE MAKES MONEY OFF THE VERY POOR.