DStv subscribers in the rest of Africa will not see a price increase when MultiChoice increases the subscription fees of packages in South Africa on 1 April, TV journalist Thinus Ferreira has reported.

Unless there are unexpected economic shocks impacting African countries, MultiChoice Africa said there will be no price increase in 2016.
Naspers, MultiChoice’s parent company, said it will provide the necessary financial support to MultiChoice Africa.
“We are in a position to do this because most of the Naspers group business (65% of revenue) is outside Africa, where times are better and our businesses are in good shape,” said Naspers.
“As a group, we believe in the longer-term potential of our markets in Africa.”

Two price hikes in 2015, none in 2016

2015 was the first time MultiChoice Africa hiked prices twice in one year, as African currencies withered against the dollar.
MultiChoice Africa said it pays for content and much of its operational costs in dollars, and was forced to pass on price increases.
Countries like Uganda, Kenya, and Nigeria saw additional subscription fee increases of up to 20%, while the second increase in Zambia was between 21% and 30%, Ferreira reported.
South African DStv subscribers were not slapped with a second price hike in 2015, but will see an above-inflation price increase in 2016.