Today, 2015’s Idols celebrity, Mmatema Moremi, might have siezed a golden business opportunity.
According to Mmatema, she was having a business talk with Brian Temba, who is affectionately known as Ranthumeng in the acting industry.
The Business Meeting took place at a certain restaurant probably around the City of Gold or the City of Tshwane, as the duo are based in Gauteng Province full time.
Mmatema’s post reads, “When Brian Temba wants to talk business and girl is starving shoo aowa just a sec lol”
Albeit she did not disclose the type of business that was on the menu, however, it is likely that the Business Talk was more of an entertainment one.
Mmatema is an artist that rose to fame after last year’s Idols competition, while Brian is a well-known performer, singer, songwriter and producer.
Goodluck guys with your anticipated business deal