After being accused of spreading hate and being the main instigator of xenophobic violence last year, Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini has indicated the introduction of ‘Kiss a Foreigner Day’ as an official holiday in Mzansi.
The good king has decided to do good and approached relevant government entities with his idea which he hopes will show the true rainbow nation that South Africa is. Speaking at an indaba in Umalzi Durban, one of the king’s induna’s said ‘His majesty the King has decided to spread love and welcome all those who reside in South Africa. That is why we are unofficially starting a ‘kiss a foreigner campaign’ right  here in KZN and hopefully it will spread across the country. Also with Human Rights day around the corner, what better way that to spread love?’ He said to much applaud from the crowd.
The kiss a foreigner campaign will start in Umlazi where foreigners will be identified and,well, kissed. ‘We have Zulu volunteers both male and female who will have the kissing duty. If we come across a female foreigner, we will send a Zulu warrior to kiss her and vice versa’ said the spokesperson.
The induna also called other South African’s to start kissing foreigners wherever they might be. Kissing only be allowed on the forehead but if the recipient prefers the mouth, then that shall be granted too.
‘South Africa belongs to all those who live in it and the was taken out of context last year’ the induna concluded.
It is satire.
Source : iMzansi Satire