EFF leader Julius Malema says Giyani needs a new mayor – the best!
“We need a mayor who will not hire people based on their surname,” Malema said at the party meeting in Giyani on Sunday .
“We need leaders who don’t chase skirts but who work for the nation,” he declared.
He said when the EFF comes to power it would end sex for RDP houses, jobs and tenders.
Malema met party agents and listened to people telling him about their daily struggles. He visited villages around Giyani, Nsami Dam, Nkhensani Hospital and called at the houses of poor people.
The agents told him about the lack of roads, water and jobs.
Malema said he wasn’t surprised that the ruling party’s leaders were corrupt, used their positions to attract women and engaged in corrupt employment practices.
He said: “A project was begun to take care of the situation, but even now there’s no water in the dam.” He was unhappy that the dam built by a former Gazankulu homeland chief minister wasn’t being maintained. The people said the contractor who was bringing water to Giyani didn’t hire locals. “We want representatives who will live among their people.
“If you become a councillor and you move to town as soon as you’re voted in, you will automatically be disqualified,” Malema said.
Source: dailysun