AWARD-WINNING hip hop artist, Emtee, might have walked away with a whopping R400 000 prize money at the Metro FM Music Awards last Saturday.
But his Kia Picanto wanted nothing to do with him the night before his big night.
The Roll Up hitmaker, whose real name is Mthembeni Ndevu, was spotted pushing a small Kia Picanto outside the Royal Hotel in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, on Friday.
 A few witnesses, who were enjoying drinks at the Royal Hotel, were surprised to see the rapper pushing a skorokoro outside the hotel, with a white lady who introduced herself as his manager.
One source said: “Emtee should make sure he uses his winnings wisely because young artists often abuse it.”
The second witness said he didn’t recognise him at first until he saw a black hoodie with his name on it.
“That’s when I realised it was him. I wanted to ask the guy where I could buy that Emtee hoodie, but when I got closer to him and greeted him he responded and asked for help with the car,” said the source.
The third source added: “The lady said he’ll be able to buy a fresh new car.”
After winning, the rapper reportedly said he wanted to build a house for his parents.
When called for comment, Emtee said: “Weeeeeh! Every driver experiences that problem. The car didn’t want to start and we needed a hand to push it. It’s not a big deal.”