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An angry wife got the shock of her life when she scrolled through her husband’s cellphone to only realise that her beloved husband was a player of note.  The woman is said to hail from Gugulethu, a township in Cape Town.
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Not only did the husband cheat, it also emerged that he got infected by an STI as evidenced by one of the controversial WhatsApp conversations.
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It also emerged that the five women that her husband was bonking are actually her friends and all did not know of the extent of the promiscuous act until the official wife found out.
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The woman confessed that she initially wanted to kill herself but then realised that God showed it to her so she can get out of the relationship in one piece.
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She wrote : ‘Please don’t judge me on were I was without noticing all this. I was busy working my life away, taking care of him and our home just like any wife would do.
She also slammed some people and said : ‘People said don’t put family issues out to people because they will laugh at you’.

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