Errice Alicia Jamaican designer take IG to respond claims that she planing to Sue ANC R5 Million. On her post she demand her picture out of internet. Not only is Errice Alicia Anderson not affiliated with South Africa's ruling party, she maintains she also has no ties with the country.

"I have no idea how my picture ended up in this thing because I have no association with anything or anyone from anywhere in Africa," said Anderson via e-mail.

The ANC can also rest easy as she has no plans to sue them.

"The swimwear I had on is from my clothing line as I'm a fashion designer in Jamaica," Anderson said.

"I was simply representing my country with the colours, (the Jamaican flag is black, green and gold) in the first piece made for my swimwear line."

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Last week Twitter was abuzz, with the picture of the Jamaican beauty doing the rounds, after it had been tweeted on the ANC Johannesburg (@ANCJHB account.

"What do make of this new ANC swimwear? #Registration Week #VoteANC.", read the accompanying caption.

The backlash against the ANC from the public was severe, with many finding the post "sexist" and degrading to women. The post was deleted from the account, followed by an apology from the ANC.

Anderson called the incident distasteful, especially as it was a political party.

"I'm farthest from amused because I have no affiliations with politics. I would never be a part of that even if I was paid a million dollars."The true identity of the social media hottie whose image was used by the ANC has been revealed.

She was donning the Jamaican colours, but somehow her picture ended up being used by the Joburg ANC’s Twitter account. The ANC has since deleted the picture and apologised after an uproar.

An ANC spokesman in Joburg, Jolidee Matongo, told a local radio station this week that the party would launch an investigation into how the picture came to be used on its official Twitter account.