A young girl lost her life while playing with her friends, who decided to imitate a real funeral.
Police in Kenya, said that the incident was a tragic accident.
The two-year-old girl was living with her grandparents in Kakamega, while her mother was in another city for work.
The two-year-old girl went out to play with other children, who are between two and 7 years old.
The children decided to make a mock funeral. They dug a grave and put the 2-year-old inside. They then added water and covered the grave with dirt.
According to investigators, the children then sang traditional funeral songs. When the children removed the dirt to free the child, they realized that she was dead.
They pulled her out and dumped her body in a banana field. When the girl failed to return home, her grandparents asked for help.
Her body was recovered. However, the 7-year-old boy is still missing. Police believe that he fled the village out of fear.
Community leaders said that after giving the girl a proper burial, they will they will hold a cleansing ritual for the children involved in her death.