TOP radio DJ and actress Mankoko Mathe ’ s marriage to her Ben10 husband, Pastor Vincent Mathe, is in shambles.
Mankoko (41), who presents Ditla le Meso on Thobela FM, separated from Mathe (32) after accusing him of cheating on her with a bevy of women.
The velvet-voiced radio presenter, who played a cameo role in the SABC1 soapie Skeem Saam, moved out of their marital home in Polokwane ’ s posh suburb of Bendor in December.
This was after she discovered a picture of another woman on her husband’s phone.
The couple started dating in 2013 and got married a month later.
It is believed Mankoko confronted Mathe of Dunamis House of Worship, a Limpopo based church operating from the Tshwane University of Technology ’ s Polokwane campus, about the picture.
Mathe sent elders from his church to intervene at his house, but Mankoko allegedly snubbed them and told them nothing was going to stop her from leaving her husband.
According to a friend close to Mankoko, the presenter left her marital home after learning that Mathe was an alleged womaniser, who had more than three kids with different women.
“He did not tell her he had other kids from different women, for that matter,” said the friend. Mankoko refused to comment when approached by Sunday World outside the SABC studios in Polokwane on Thursday.
“I don’t want to talk about that matter,” said Mankoko.
“Speak to the pastor and call me after 12pm.” But she neither answered our calls nor responded to the SMSes we sent to her.
Mathe confirmed his marriage was in trouble and that Mankoko had moved out of their home.
“Yes my wife packed all her bags and moved out of our house on December 19 because we had disagreements and a few issues,” he said.
The pastor said he told the church elders and his family about the incident.
“But she does not want to listen to them,” Mathe said about his wife. “They all tried.” Mathe accused his wife of moving out with some of his gadgets, including hard drives.
“I haven ’ t seen her since she left in December and have not seen my child as well.”
The ex-convict-turned-pastor, who served 10 years in prison for robbery, said he was forced to share his marital pain with his congregation.
“I told the church that my wife and me were having issues so they don ’ t hear rumours,” he said. “I asked for their prayers.”
Mathe confirmed the content of an open letter, purported to have been authored by him.
“The information in the letter is true, but I did not write it. There is only one person who I told about my other kids and their mothers, and that is my wife,” he said.
I suspect she wrote it because she created the Facebook account in my name.
“But I don ’ t blame my wife, anyone can do what she did in a moment of anger. I ’ m just waiting for her to cool off so we can resolve our issues like adults.”
In that letter, Mathe supposedly asked his congregation to forgive him for all the wrong things he had done.
He also apologised to his estranged wife and asked her to take him back.
Mathe alleged that his wife was on a campaign to discredit him in Polokwane by portraying him as a con man who wants to use his church members.
“She posted several negative messages on a Facebook account in my name telling people I was planning to run away from Polokwane and go to Mpumalanga. And that ’ s not true.”
He said Mankoko wanted to break his church and to turn his congregation against him.
“’I m glad they did not choose her side,” he said.
“Instead, the church is growing and we have also gotten a stand where we are planning to build our own structure.”
Source:Sunday World