The Cultural, Religious and Linguistics Rights Commission says the controversial ‘Snake Pastor’ has grossly violated the Bill of Rights by making his congregation consume live snakes and other animals in Soshanguve, north of Pretoria.
The commission has met with Pastor Penuel Mnguni in Johannesburg to discuss the complaints laid against him by the South African Council of Churches.
The controversial Pastor made headlines in 2016 after he fed his congregation animals, including snakes, rats and ants, to his congregation.
Commission Chairperson Thoko Mkwanazi Xaluva says: “The violated people’s rights to dignity and dignity are determined by societal norms and standards. What happened on that particular day when Etv was there was undignified and in violation of the constitution.”
“It was spiritual but it was undignified, even if they are willing participants but they have a constitutional right to dignity.”
The 23-year-old pastor posted photos of some of his services, in which he made his congregants eat clothes and hair. He rode some of them like horses and made them strip naked.
Penuel Mnguni was also in arrested in 2015 on charges of animal cruelty after the images surfaced, but had to provisionally withdraw the case due to insufficient evidence.
Source : SABC