Condoms may have other purposes you may find awkward. Most of you will instantly think of the water bombs we used to make as kids. However, instead of throwing them all over the place you can use condoms in a different way. You can take a sock and save condom filled with water while camping out, thus you’ll have enough water during the hot weather. Other uses of condoms:


  • Freeze a condom with water. It will serve as a good wrap.
  • Place minced meat in a condom. It will keep the meat compact and will make it cook evenly.
  • If you have a bandage and need to take a bath, then they will get soaked. Instead use a condom to cover your open wound and keep it dry.

  • Wrap the condom and cut it into equal parts and make yourself strong bands which won’t break fast. Use them to tie your hair.
  • Latex condoms will help you easily open a jar as it is not about strength, but about the technique.
We bet you will better appreciate these rubbers now.