When actress and former OPW presenter Phumeza Mdabe decided to take a break from TV, we all died a little inside.
And while fans constantly reached out to her on social media to try convince her to return to the screen, many of them did not know Phumeza’s difficult and deeply personal reason for taking a break.
Talking to The Juice this week, ahead of her TV return on e.tv’s Heist, Phumeza reveals that she decided to take a break from acting to look after her son after he was diagnosed with cancer.
“I was off-screen because I was going through some stuff with my son, who had cancer,” she reveals “He’s in remission which is good news, and so I’ve decided to come back and work.”
“2015 was quite a year for me. So now I’m celebrating life, I’m celebrating love, I’m celebrating family and work, and trying to stay positive,” she tells us.
“We’re better now. The main thing is that he’s alive and I get to spend time with him every day- that’s all that matter to me,” she adds off camera.
Source:The Juice