SA Police are looking for 13 men with missing manhoods after a Limpopo Inyanga was bust with 13 ‘anacondas’ and an assortment of prohibited dead animals including a pangolin and pithing skin.
Inspector Chauke based in Limpopo said the case is being taken very seriously. “No one has come in to report their manhoods missing so the only link now points to the local mortuaries’ Chauke said, ‘We suspected the inyanga is operating with mortuary guys to hack off dead men’s p_enises’. A tip off led to the popular inyanga getting bust after a ‘customer saw a d_ick in one of the inyanga’s consulting rooms’.
The bust has had the whole Giyani district talking and some who buried their male loved ones wanting to dig them up to make sure their male members are there. One local who refused to be named said, ‘it’s taboo in our culture for one to be buried without all their parts, this man needs to rot in jail. If they release him to us, we will kill him’ he vowed.
It was also reported that all 13 confiscated ding dongs belong to black men. Sizes differed and out of the 13, 11 where circumcised. ‘It is the first time I am dealing with a case like this in my 14 years as a policeman. We appeal to members of the public to help us with any information’, Inspector Chauke appealed.
It is believed the p_enises are used for money making rituals.
In the meantime, the inyanga, who can not be named until he appears before the courts will stay in police custody until his appearance which is scheduled for Tuesday, 16 February.