Recently reinstated Idols SA judge Gareth Cliff was the man of the moment during the Durban Auditions of the popular singing competition.
After having started 2016 on a bad note, trying to prove that he is not racist after his sentiments on the Penny Sparrow saga where ‘taken out of context’, Mr Cliff was fired by M-Net only to be given his job back after a court battle.
One Durban Audition contestant who is happy Gareth Cliff got his job back is Nqobile Gumede of Kwa Mashu. The eighteen year old Idols hopeful got 4 no’s and could not handle the bad news so much that she fainted. The Durban Auditions where held at the Playhouse.
Auditions had to come to a halt as brave Cliff swooped in a swiftly carried Nqobile to a well ventilated area so she could gain consciousness. This was all before paramedics arrived on scene. One would have sworn Gareth was professional paramedic. Some contestants who were on scene reported that Gareth showed great concern for the well being of Nqobile and could not shoot afterwards for a while. Sipho, who had his golden ticket in hand said, “Die maan is my hero” referring to Gareth. Unathi was also on scene to help Nqobile together with M-Net crew.
When Nqobile eventually regained consciousnesses, she was grateful to Gareth for saving her life and couldn’t remember much about what had happened. Contestants where advised not to immediately tell her lest she fainted again. Paramedics treated her on sight and she was free to go.
One M-Net official said they have put in place counselling booths for contestants to prepare to take the judge’s verdicts, “We have Councillors who are employed by M-Net and they make sure they prep contestants to make sure they accept  the judge’s verdict’ She said, ‘especially those that do not get golden tickets need to be assured that this is not the end of life and there are many other opportunities out there. You can always come back again next year”.
Source: Online